By Dale Bell 

JRC—With the Grinnell College “Campus Wide Egg Hunt” entering its second week showing no signs of abatement, the Administration has been forced to send a series of increasingly specific “Respecting Boundaries” emails clarifying where students shouldn’t be looking. The Egg Hunt, which started on the eleventh and continued with a second infusion of eggs on fourteenth has captivated student attention like no other event since students were given the opportunity to go to the island to get hunted. 

However, it seems that the Weekend Coordinators overestimated the enthusiasm that Grinnellians would take to the hunt, whose more prestigious prizes include air pods, priority in DHALL lines, and a full year’s tuition in cash. To counter the overzealous reaction from students Admin sent the first of many “EGG HUNT: Respecting Boundaries” emails on the eleventh: 

APRIL 11th 4:39 PM: We hope you are enjoying the egg hunt! We just want to let you know that all eggs are hidden in SHARED SPACES. Please do not disturb classes, office spaces and cabinetry. Let us know if you have any questions! 

This doesn’t seem to have solved the problem as a second note was sent not long after: 

APRIL 12th 2:13 PM: Egg Hunt is still going strong! Just a reminder that eggs are hidden in SHARED SPACES but NOT the Special Collections Department. If you are ripping up a 16th manuscript looking for plastic eggs, PLEASE STOP. Let us know if you have any questions! 

This still didn’t seem to dissuade student as several more emails were sent in the following days: 

APRIL 14th 1:02 AM: Weekend Coordinators here! Hope you’re still enjoying the Egg Hunt! Just a quick note, eggs are NOT HIDDEN IN OFF CAMPUS HOUSES. If you’re breaking into a person’s house, PLEASE STOP. There are no eggs hidden there and Grinnell will NOT pay your bail! Have a great week!!! 

APRIL 16th 3:13 AM: Hey guys!!!!! Can we talk real for a second! You HAVE got to stop jackhammering up the sidewalks looking for eggs. There are NO EGGS THERE and it’s VERY LATE. We don’t get to sleep if you keep doing STUPID FUCKING SHIT!! Hope you have a GREAT day!  

 April 17th 10:17 PM: Hi everyone! Weekend Coordinators here! SORRY about our last email! We were very TIRED! We just want to let you all know that the EGGS ARE NOT scented, and that raccoons CANNOT SMELL THEM! If you are training an army of egg sniffing raccoons, CRAIG, please stop!  

APRIL 20th 7:52 PM: Hello everyone, Weekend Coordinators here! Hope you’re doing SUPER-DUPER!!! Just a heads up! Holding the Weekend Coordinators hostage with your army of raccoons is not the right way to FIND EGGS!!!!!!!!! If you are CURRENTLY holding the Weekend Coordinators hostage and demanding eggs, PLEASE STOP WE DON’T HAVE THEM! 

 While that was the last email from the Weekend Coordinators, the Egg Hunt continues and Grinnellian spirits have never been higher! We hope the Coordinators are taking a well-earned break and that maybe Grinnellians have finally learned about “Respecting Boundaries.” On a related note, if you’d like to share any information with the B&S about the Egg Hunt you can find us in our offices looking for eggs in the walls with a sledgehammer.