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Month: November 2022

Corn Maze Installed in Front of JRC 101: Union Files Suit, College Claims Coincidence

By Conrad Dahm  

On October 6th, the Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers (UGSDW) and Grinnell College began negotiating over the first labor contract in American history that applies to all undergraduate workers at a school. The bargaining session was open to the public and held in JRC 101. It was well attended by students, many of whom were sympathetic to UGSDW. During the session, some students got a little overzealous with their clapping, booing, and throwing of rotten tomatoes at anyone perceived as a member of the Grinnell administration. (Unfortunately, that kid who wears a suit to class may have been caught in the crossfire.) As bargaining continued, students continued to heckle the College, which must have been very very hard for the $2.93 billion-endowed institution. 

Coincidentally, for this week’s bargaining session and for the foreseeable future, the College has decided to install a corn maze in front of the JRC, in a move that is completely unrelated to bargaining. The B&S spoke with College administrators, Union leaders, and students about the move and their thoughts on the issues. 

Writers@Grinnell Presents:

Families Regret Sending Kids to Grinnell After Getting A Whiff

By Bella Nesbeth

On Friday, November 4th, thousands of families flocked to Iowa to visit the hallowed halls of the esteemed Grinnell College. They were led on tours through the “boring” Noyce Science Center, the “newly renovated” Humanities and Social Sciences Center, and the beautiful “Anne” Harris Center. “No matter where we went on campus, the smell of absolutely wretched, filthy, abominable dookie seemed to follow us,” said London Hilton, mother of Madrid Hilton, Class of 2026. “Are students dropping deuces on that field over there?” Hilton questioned, pointing towards North campus and the suspiciously smelling MacEachron Field, fresh from ultimate frisbee practice.  

DAG and Frisbee Battle for Mac Field

By Ethan Hughes

This is Elk Johnson reporting live from the frontlines! War has broken out on Mac Field as both Duels and Games (DAG) and Ultimate Frisbee engage in full on combat to decide control of the same half of the plain on Friday evenings from 4:30 to 5:30. 

Tensions have been on the rise for weeks as DAG made more and more threats, and both figuratively and literally rattled their swords at Frisbee. DAG claimed that Frisbee was encroaching on their section of Mac Field, eventually taking up almost two thirds of it when, as per the Clumpy Grass Contract of `83, DAG and Frisbee each have a claim to half the field. When asked for comment a DAG representative said, “Frisbee has invaded our lands and repressed our foam! We will not stand for their tyranny any longer, tell them they might take our lives but they will never take our sw–” Unfortunately they were knocked unconscious, taken prisoner, and their weapons confiscated in the middle of their anecdote. 

Institutional Memory is Dead: We Threw Away the Dirty Spoon in the B&S Office

By Anna Lipari

So we threw away the dirty spoon. Please don’t be upset with me, editors-past; I know it had become a landmark, that it had been sitting in the second drawer of the desk in the B&S office since before I ever attended Grinnell College, a symbol of all our endearing quirks. But it was really gross, cemented to the bottom of the metal cabinet by years-old grime and hogging valuable drawer space. So when I walked this year’s new editors, Gabby and Dale, through the office, I didn’t object to their offer to help clean things up. Together, we sorted through years-old pitch lists and layout drafts. There was some really choice content in there; I hope you don’t mind if we update some of it and reincorporate it into future publications. And I really hope you don’t mind that we threw the spoon directly into the garbage. 

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