An “editorial” by Anna Lipari

GATES HALL– After the resignation of several full-time residence life coordinators left many Grinnell students without any degree of adult supervision, college administration found itself scrambling to hire replacements. The responsibilities of an RLC, which include living in a squalid dorm environment and providing organization, advice, and emotional support to struggling college students, would constitute hard work for most humans. It was with this in mind that Grinnell hired Daisy, the school’s first Raccoon Life Coordinator, to administrate the Clangrala residence cluster.

“Daisy is really nice,” says first-year student Amelia Butler. “She knows how to listen, you know? I had a nasty argument with my roommate last week, and Daisy heard what I had to say and helped the two of us come to a compromise. My roommate doesn’t let her dirty dishes grow mold on her desk anymore; now she puts them in the hallway every evening, and in the morning they’re licked clean, except for a few pawprints.” 

Lee Morrison, another Clangrala resident, agrees. “Daisy doesn’t yell at us for leaving garbage in the hallways like our old RLC did. She actually seems to like it. One time I was out by the fire escape smoking weed and she popped her head out of the loggia trash can. Man, I thought I was going to get in so much trouble, but she didn’t yell at me or anything. She just climbed out of the garbage, waddled over, and reached her grabby little hands up towards me. So I handed her the joint. What else was I going to do? And she took a puff and then handed it back and wandered away. She’s so chill, it’s great.” 

Since Daisy was hired as an RLC, room transfer requests into her assigned residence cluster have gone up by 120%, and students can’t stop raving about her work. “She’s kind, but firm,” Butler says of Daisy. “She doesn’t exert her authority over petty bullshit, so I don’t mind when she sends out occasional reminder emails about keeping noise levels down after quiet hours. I know that she’s looking out for what’s best for the community.”

The B&S sent staff reporter and co-editor Anna Lipari to interview this beloved new RLC. Lipari sat down with Daisy over iced chai and week-old muffins to discuss her path to Grinnell and the effect she has had on students. When asked what her RLC philosophy was, Daisy hissed and bit Lipari on the hand. The two were immediately removed from the Spencer Grill, and Lipari was unable to complete the interview as they were taken to SHAW for rabies vaccination. Further attempts to contact Daisy have gone unanswered, but the college does not plan to take any disciplinary action against Daisy, stating, “where would we find anyone else?”

Clangrala residents remain enthused about Daisy’s presence. “I love Daisy,” says Morrison, tears welling up in his eyes and foam in the corner of his mouth. “She really cares.”