By Amelia Vrieze

As well as the acronyms for class year and semester designation that have been used in the past (FR1, JR2, etc.), there are also quite a few new acronyms in the Special Room Draw chart this year that students should familiarize themselves with. If there’s one thing this college loves, it’s acronyms, so you should have no trouble adding these to your vocabulary.

SR[X]: Seniority no longer ends with your first attempt at senior year. If you’ve been a super senior for the past 15 years, that’s an additional +29-30 points onto your room draw score beyond the original 7. 

BD: In order to add a touch of randomness to the process, the digits in each student’s birthday will be added up and contribute to the points total.

MP: To encourage students to go on the new “Brining Dollars” meal plan, “Meal Plan Preference” will award an additional +5 points to any student who made this practical and cost-effective choice. 

ZC: “Zodiac compatibility” will award +2 points to roommates with compatible astrological signs and -2 points to roommates with incompatible signs. An additional 4 points will be subtracted if the incompatible roommate is your romantic partner.

DB: Roommates who are collectively raising a “Dorm Baby” will receive +2 points per child in the Special Room Draw.

WT: If you and your friends identify as wizards, you will receive +1 point each for the Gates Tower room specifically, as we know how important it is for wizards to have a tower to call their own. **Note—witch covens are encouraged to apply for rooms in the dorm pits instead.**

NB: “Nepo Baby” points are awarded to anyone whose parents have made a significant donation to the college in the past year ($10,000 = 1 point).

In addition to a new points system, there are also several new housing options added to the special room draw this year. Some of these locations may seem unusual, but the administrators pointed out that they will help relieve the housing crisis that has plagued this college for the past several years. 

Bucksbaum Basement: Tired of never being able to find an open practice room? This special room draw will allow you to claim one of the practice rooms as your permanent living space for the year. While these rooms are small, electing to live in one as a group of two or more will let you combine your room draw points and give you a greater chance of claiming this scarce resource.

Kistle Library: No longer will the cubicles on the second floor of the Kistle Science Library be cut off from the rest of Noyce 3rd. Starting next fall, this section will be cordoned off as “compartment-style living” designed especially for CS majors. That way, they’ll never have to leave Noyce 3rd! Administration notes that there are currently no plans to install showers on that floor.

JRC Cots: The cots in the JRC were so popular last August that they will be making their return as a permanent housing option.

Student Publications Office: They won’t let us leave. Help.