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Email from President Harris: “Global Events and Grinnell Values”

This week, the B&S has decided to republish this email from President Anne Harris. We believe that printing the text below – originally sent to the entire Grinnell community – will underscore the importance of strong leadership in these difficult times.

Dear community members,

In recent weeks, events have been happening in a part of the world. Some people think some of these events are bad, while others think some of these events are also bad but in a different way. If you are reading this and have an opinion about the events happening in the place that rhymes with Gisrale and Galistine, please know we agree with your side and not the other.

Reach out to your friends in this unprecedented time. If he, she, OR THEY are feeling like he, she, or they want to share their voices on these issues: please urge them not to. This is a time for silence rather than action. We urge all Grinnellians to join us in taking a stance on not taking a stance. We must come together now more than ever as a community to stand with (Gisrale/Galistine/all of the above/none of the above).

See ya on the flip side,

Anne F. Harris



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  1. P.B.

    As an alum, I must say that no one has captured the moral bankruptcy of President Harris better than you. A brilliant job.

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