By Edie Worrell

JRC- Grinnell College’s premier student-run event committee has recently announced their decision to expand. “Weekend,” as they are called, was formed last year, after its creator, Whistle Hornblower, noticed a lack of overly expensive events on the campus.

“I created Weekend after I noticed that all of the students’ event fees were only being given to these smaller, less worthy student-run organizations,” explained Hornblower, “I thought to myself– hey! Why do they get to hoard all of the activity fee money? Shouldn’t we add some more lavish events to outdo these weak little organizations? Like, “Bird Club.” What even is that, anyways? A club for birds? Pretty sure they have one of those already. It’s called a flock.”

Hornblower expressed to our B&S reporters that he felt Grinnell College was getting “too soft” when it came to budgeting among student organizations. He said that students need a little more “capitalistic” GGYI to keep life realistic.

“I thought– why not make this misery week long? No reason that students should only have to be reminded of the waste that becomes of their activity fee on the weekends– that could be a DAILY treat instead!” Said Hornblower excitedly. “Now these kids get to have a taste of what the real world is like– sad your money is being used for some bullshit project that you had no say in whatsoever? Welcome to taxes, folks.” 

Students around the college’s campus have expressed their support for this new initiative. Our reporters interviewed one of them, Jimmy Realperson, to gather his thoughts on the matter. 

“Oh yeah, I think Week is a great idea.” Remarked Realperson. “As a legitimate and registered student at this college I think it’s awesome that the school is deciding to funnel even more money into daily activities. I’m particularly excited for the upcoming chicken sexing workshop this Thursday in JRC 101.”

Hornblower admitted that with the new expansion, it has proven more difficult to keep up with the demand for new activities. 

“We’ve done all of the main ones– Spa Day, Winter Waltz, Oxygen Bar– so we’re starting to have to get really creative with some of the upcoming events.”

This week, Week is hosting a Pony Play workshop on Mac Field on Monday, a “create your own” Ant Farm event in the HSSC on Tuesday, an outdoor walk to place all of the worms that crawled out and onto the pavement during the rainstorm on Wednesday, chicken sexing workshop on Thursday, and an open DBT group therapy skills session with Anne Harris on Friday.

“We still save the big events for the weekends.” Explained Hornblower. “This Saturday it’s um, Midwest FurryCon. We’ve gotten a lot of requests for that one.”

Weekend will continue its shift to Week in the coming days, finalizing the change at the end of this month.