By B&S Staff

HARRIS CENTER – On November 12, 2022 with a start time of 7:00 GST (Grinnell Standard Time, so 45 minutes later than the given time), the Grinnell student population became even more bisexual than they already were, which we didnt think was possible. The B&S spoke with first-year students, who previously identified as straight, after the show. Every interviewee reported a sudden shift in their sexuality that they attribute to the phenomenal performers at Drag.  

Norbert Sherman `26 said he attended the event with his entire tutorial class and professor as a bonding activity; the syllabus for the tutorial listed Drag as a mandatory event. When Sherman returned to tutorial the following Tuesday, the entirety of the class period was spent discussing their mutual crush on the person who performed in the cowboy hat. Their next mandatory class event will be spent exploring the many services provided in the Stonewall Resource Center, a save haven for Grinnell’s queer community.  

Elon Musk `26 said that he did not intend to go to Drag, but instead got swept up by a stampede to get into the show. “I use the Harris bathroom to privately poop,” the Musk divulged, “No one is ever in there during my regular trip to the toilet.” The next thing Musk recalled post-poop was a random person grabbing their hand and pulling. 

“Someone had my hand in a death grip, and started leading me into a room full of people,” Musk said, “All of a sudden I’m giving away all the cash that I was going to use on my trip to Second Mile this weekend, and I was loving it!” Musk then crossed their legs trying to hide a pair of new pants they bought online from an unsustainable source. When the B&S asked if Musk enjoyed Drag and would return again next semester, Musk revealed that they have not been able to stop trying to replicate the moves of some performers and will in fact be present for all future Drags.  

Inez Hoffcaugh `26 was happy to share her experience as a first-year with the B&S. “I went to drag with my boyfriend,” Hoffcaugh said, “It was pretty serious. We’ve been dating since we met at NSO when we sat next to each other in the class photo.” When prompted about what happened with her boyfriend during Drag, Hoffcaugh said she simply visibly enjoyed the show more than her partner. “That night,” Hoffcaugh said, “I tried to squeeze his imaginary boob mid-makeout which prompted a break up the next day.”

Jake Gyllenhaal, Chair of the GWSS department, also spoke to the B&S about the impact that Drag has had on next semester’s enrollment in the department’s classes. “We have a waitlist of over a hundred students for some of our classes. Interest in our classes is up 50%!” Gyllenhaal said. The classes that students seem most interested in for next semester is “Queer Literature,” according to Gyllenhall’s personal account, as well as records from the registrar. 

In another all-campus email, Social Psychology students sent out multiple surveys in response to Drag. They all hoped to see the effects of Drag on sexuality. The questions on the non-anonymous Google Forms were “Did Drag make you gayer?” and “Would you say you avidly consume a milk substitute?” According to the psychology students, 90% of responses consisted of “strongly agree” to both.